Wednesday, September 28, 2011

21st Birthday: 10 must of my fall must haves

Hello loves haven't made a blog since my first one! but I plan to do one at least 3 times a week now! :) But any ways Today is my 21st birthday and I just thought I'd share 21 must haves for my fall closet!  :)

#1 I really have to have some flowy shirts! I love them soo much its so chic and very comfortable! so if you want to look chic feel comfortable and get them at a low price you better thrift it out baby girl! shooot thats where I go my lovely shirt from up top! goodwill 2$ can't beat that huh!

#2 Wedges Wedges and yes more wedges! I absolutely love wearing them I am 5'10 and I still wear wedges! Come on tall ladies heels are made for us! So strut your stuff and go to the mall and buy you a pair you'd look so cute in them!

#3 Blazer oh goodness I absolutely love this trend here now suga! Can I get a amen! You can get all kinds of colors and add a big ole POP to any outfit! You could go evening or night time depending on how you HOOK IT UP ya know what I'm saying :)

#4  I love sheer shirts, ok guys yes  I will always put a bandeau top underneath and maybe a vest or something over it!  I believe I am obsessed with these kinds of shirts! Really cute love it! You could also pair it with high waisted jeans, or skirts or something. Just make sure not a lot of skin is showing a little okay a lot can be kind of trashy! but what ever you want to do with it! its your style and its your way you can still rock it beautiful! Yea you :)

# 5 High waisted bottoms! shorts, pants, skirts any thing I like them and you can always put on some sheer leggings or "stockings"( I hate that word but they are cute not the old lady at church sitting on the first pew kind but the up to date kind I'm sure you can find at H&M or something of that nature) under your shorts or skirt or you can call bare under totally up to the weather and you miss thang ! :)
#6 Bandeau Top! Gal you know the little thing that looks like a little bra yea ummm humm its super cute and you can place that under like i said before a sheer shirt or a blazer when you want look cute on your ladies night out! You could also place a cute vest over it! Just a little something to jazz it up! You can be a hot foxyyy mama in this thing honey Work!

#7 Leggings...Lawwwwddd let me clarify this thing right here please baby baby please don't go and get those cheap stretchy kind that look like all you did was go get some spandex material and wrapped it around you behind! lol do what you please but me personally i rather stick with the ones with some patterns or some type of form in them Jeggings or what have yous (jersey accent)!

#8 Boots knee high boots ankle boots any kind of boots! But these ^^^^^I like to call these babies I am going to war boots! I loooooveee them a lot! I think any type of style could pull this off from gothic looks to chic looks! and shoot maybe if your boo make you made you can show em the "going to war boot" and watch em straight right on up saying "ma'am yes ma'am" naaaa I am joking! but its cute :)

#9 Scarfs...they are all the rave in pariii lol okay i don't really know about all that but I like them and I think they will pop out any ole boring outfit! Yeaaa girl you can have a lazy day just but on a scarf and become a lovely little flower! hehehe but you better work it now girl don't get to lazy!

#10 Last but not at all least LOVE yes you need love to rock this fall girl you didn't know! Now go tell someone you love them and rock your cute outfit and tell me how it went! Don't be all mean and stuck up cause you cute now!!!! Love you mean it! really really mean it :) Have a nice day

Talk to you soon Muahhhh !

Friday, September 9, 2011

Fashion Diary Day 1

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Hi,  Aloha, Bonjour and all that other good stuff! Brinkley is the name and pimping is my okay I am just joking. I decided to post my very first blog and I hope you enjoy sooooo HERE WE GO!!!!! So I am guessing you want to know a little more than just my name huh??? well um lets get started with that! My name is Brinkley I am 20 years old and I am a native of North Carolina, "Yea I am a country girl!" but I am now residing in Arizona (sneaking my way into LA pretty soon)! There are so many things that I would like to do in my life starting right...about...NOW :) I am absolutely positively head over hills for fashion and can't get enough of it! I will soon be going to school for it and everything! My major in Fashion will be Apparel Industry Management which I will basically learn how to run and manage my own clothing line! I also have a second major is Business because I don't want to just own my own clothing line I want to do so much more! If you only knew the thing that go thru my head! Furthermore, I've decided to start blogging not only for Fashion, but as well as to encourage people (mainly young ladies but definately to anyone who will be encourage) that they have value and can do what ever they put their mind to! Just believe in God and as well as yourself! So I basically want to inspire Everyone through my fashion and the strive that I have to pursue my dreams in LIFE! So I am inviting yeah YOU too; to all share my journey with me! I promise it will not be a waste! I will make it happen with my Faith Love and Fashion. Stay bless and Stay tuned Muahhhh :* <3 <3